EP101- Dakilang Slamdunk


“The Glorious Slam Dunk!”

Slam Dunk Episode 101 – Dakilang Slam Dunk

pinaka last episode.

Posted by Trolling haterz on Monday, 21 October 2019

The game between Shoyo-Ryonan and Shohoku continues. At the last few minutes of the practice game, Sakuragi made two jump shots and everyone is amazed. The score is tied, when Fujima and Sendo attempts to do an alley-oop. Everyone is amazed when Sakuragi appeared at the back of Sendo, blocking the supposed alley-oop. Sakuragi then takes control of the ball and when he is about to dunk the ball, he remembered what Haruko taught him about slam dunk when he first met her. Shohoku wins with the score 76-74. The last episode ends showing the team of Shohoku and Kainan about to leave Kanagawa for the Inter High. When Shohoku is about to enter the shinkansen train, they promised to themselves that they’re going to win the championship.

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